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         Illustrated Stories using Signs and Symbols”Case Study of Alternative Media for Visual Storytelling

Author   Darras,Rima Nabeel (Author)
Journal Title   المجلة الأردنية للفنون
Physical Description   P 577-596
Subject Area   Arts
Abstract   This paper discusses a new possible way of non-verbal tangible storytelling through a number of prototypes of student's work. The paper forms an initial study of a larger research that focuses on investigating the art of visual storytelling using a 'pictographic language' of different signs and symbols, and employing of different objects/materials to serve as alternative mediums for storytelling. Thus, the paper will present three issues for investigation. ... |
Subject Headings   الفن
Call Number   705 م أ ف
Location   Periodicals Hall 2nd floor - قاعة الدوريات - الطابق الثاني

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